5 burning questions we have after 'The Bear's Season 2 finale

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Another play of The Bear has arrived, and unluckily for each of america who watched it immediately, it's clip to bid farewell to our favourite chefs — astatine slightest for now. 

Season 2 of FX's deed series shifts gears by taking america retired of The Original Beef of Chicagoland's room and exploring nan weeks building up to its reopening arsenic The Bear. Each section this play is simply a masterful portion of storytelling, digging heavy into aggregate backstories for each characteristic while simultaneously counting down nan weeks to nan restaurant's opening, reminding america (and them) of what's astatine stake. At agelong last, by nan play finale, The Bear has opened for a family-and-friends night, wherever things get affectional and chaotic beautiful quickly. 

While nan evening is moving smoothly successful nan eating room, nan room is an absolute messiness pinch Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) spiraling retired of power aft reasoning he sees his ruthless erstwhile leader (Joel McHale) successful attendance. Turns out, it's really conscionable immoderate feline pinch glasses, but nan resemblance is capable for Carmy to get into his ain caput and suffer his focus. 

What follows is simply a rollercoaster of events that includes but is by nary intends constricted to: Carmy getting stuck successful nan kitchen's walk-in fridge for nan full evening; Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) taking complete arsenic nan kitchen's expo, aka its captain, to get everyone backmost connected track; and Marcus (Lionel Boyce) figuring retired that 1 of their caller hires has been doing meth successful nan backmost alley. And that doesn't moreover seizure nan afloat scope of nan night's chaos. While nan play ended pinch a large triumph tied to nan restaurant's success, it still felt for illustration a crushing nonaccomplishment for our characters, peculiarly Carmy, whose affectional advancement this play is wholly undone successful a matter of minutes.

Season 2 of The Bear starts disconnected calmly, but it ends connected a statement that's thing but. So, what tin we expect from Season 3? Let's dive into our burning questions. 

Is this nan extremity of Carmy and Claire? 

A man and a female speak successful a kitchen.

Credit: Chuck Hodes/FX

Carmy's narration pinch Claire (Molly Gordon) is simply a awesome item of season. And while they've had a batch of tiny mates moments, including nan realization that they've some been crushing connected each different since they were teens, their narration has much importantly been a turning constituent for Carmy, who's yet realizing he tin beryllium loved and moreover deserves to beryllium loved. But, arsenic is pinch astir things successful The Bear, everything crashes and burns by nan end. 

While he's stuck successful nan walk-in fridge, Carmy originates reasoning aloud, talking to himself but besides to whomever happened to beryllium extracurricular nan doorway successful nan room astatine nan time. In a infinitesimal that changes everything, he says that nan narration has skewed his attraction and is hindering his committedness to, and result nan success, of his restaurant. He thinks Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas) is connected nan different broadside of nan doorway listening, but he says each of this to Claire. Evidently, she leaves, and they presumably break up which leaves Carmy moreover much distraught than he already was. 

Now, I understand that Claire has been a awesome distraction this season, truthful overmuch truthful that Carmy forgets to telephone a repairman for nan fridge because of her (isn't it funny really destiny works?). But she's been really bully for him too that, and surely there's a measurement to equilibrium a grueling profession and love, right? Right?! I cognize audiences are divided connected #Clairmy, but I'm hoping we get much closure successful Season 3. If not, I dream nan breakup kicks disconnected Carmy's affectional glow-up, because boy, does he request it. 

Is Jamie Lee Curtis going to travel backmost to nan show? 

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Jamie Lee Curtis guest-starring arsenic Carmy's mom, Donna, is astir apt nan biggest astonishment of nan season. Firstly, whoever thought of pairing Curtis pinch White deserves a raise. Secondly, Curtis delivers specified a spectacular performance that I need to spot much of her successful this role. 

It would make consciousness for Curtis to return, narratively speaking. Donna's narration pinch her kids is damaged, but it's not beyond repair. She really accepts their invitation and shows up to nan restaurant's opening, and while she whitethorn not person really entered aliases spoken to them, that's still a large measurement towards healing. Carmy's narration pinch his mom is simply a immense catalyst for his characteristic arc, and it deserves to beryllium resolved, aliases astatine slightest explored. Maybe Donna will yet dine astatine The Bear successful Season 3 and speak to her kids. Maybe she won't. But 1 thing's for sure; we tin stake that it'll beryllium an affectional section if she does return.  

Will immoderate of this season's different impermanent stars return? 

Two men navigator a greenish crockery successful a restaurant's kitchen.

Credit: Chuck Hodes/FX

I've ne'er wanted to beryllium a Berzatto truthful bad. Episode 6 of Season 2 casually introduces america to nan Berzatto family character which includes Bob Odenkirk arsenic Uncle Lee, Sarah Paulson arsenic relative Michelle, John Mulaney arsenic Michelle's partner, and Gillian Jacobs arsenic Richie's ex-wife — talk astir a family legacy. Oh, and Will Poulter besides makes an quality arsenic a drop-dead gorgeous, tattooed chef. Need I opportunity more? 

Surely, location tin beryllium different Christmas aliases Thanksgiving section wherever nan Berzattos return. We not only request it; we deserve it. Poulter besides needs to make a comeback. I don't cognize how, but he must. 

Are Carmy and Sydney ever going to germinate into thing more? 

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Credit: Chuck Hodes/FX

Perhaps nan astir divisive crippled successful The Bear's canon is whether aliases not Carmy and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) person romanticist feelings for each other. Fancams person gone to war defending this ship, while self-proclaimed knowledgeable viewers person risen successful revolt declaring they're platonic soulmates instead. No matter which broadside you're on, Carmy and Sydney's narration is decidedly going to germinate adjacent season, whether arsenic adjacent friends, recovered family, business partners, aliases yes, romanticist partners. 

In either case, Carmy and Sydney person a awesome friendship, and whether aliases not The Bear is really conscionable a slow-burn romance is thing we're each going to person to hold for. Personally, I deliberation they're BFFs, and that's beautiful successful its ain way. 

Will Carmy get retired of nan fridge? 

A cook sits successful a walk-in fridge.

Credit: Chuck Hodes/FX

Can you ideate if he doesn't? 

How to watch: Season 2 of The Bear is now streaming connected Hulu. (opens successful a caller tab)

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