7 Popular Asheville, NC Neighborhoods: Where to Live in Asheville in 2024

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Known for its stunning upland views, vibrant arts scene, and thriving trade brew industry, Asheville, NC, draws residents pinch its unsocial atmosphere. Whether exploring nan historical Biltmore Estate, enjoying nan eclectic shops and restaurants successful Downtown Asheville, aliases taking successful nan earthy beauty of nan Blue Ridge Mountains, location is ever thing to observe and acquisition successful this city.

If this charming North Carolina metropolis sounds for illustration nan spot for you, location are plentifulness of homes and apartments for rent successful Asheville. For example, nan median location waste value is $437,500, and nan average rent successful Asheville is $1,845.

To thief you find nan correct area, Redfin has collected a database of 7 celebrated Asheville neighborhoods. Whether you’re drawn to Biltmore Park’s historical architecture aliases Downtown Asheville’s energy, Asheville has thing for everyone. Let’s research nan city’s neighborhoods.

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1. Biltmore Park

Biltmore Park is located successful nan confederate portion of Asheville. This vicinity is location to nan Biltmore Park Town Square, which features a assortment of shops, restaurants, and a movie theater, making nan area consciousness much for illustration a colony than portion of a large city. Residents tin besides bask nan adjacent Lake Julian Park and nan North Carolina Arboretum. Biltmore Park offers galore lodging types, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

Median Sale Price: $810,000

Homes for Sale successful Biltmore Park | Apartments for Rent successful Biltmore Park

2. Downtown Asheville

Downtown Asheville is nan bosom of nan metropolis and is known for its vibrant arts and civilization scene. Attractions successful this area see nan Asheville Art Museum, nan Thomas Wolfe Memorial, and nan Basilica of Saint Lawrence. The charming downtown area is location to historical buildings and parks for illustration Pack Square Park and Pritchard Park.

Downtown Asheville has historical homes, modern condos, and apartments – nan architectural styles scope from Art Deco to contemporary.

Median Sale Price: $545,500

Average Rent for 1-Bedroom Apartment: $1,689

Homes for Sale successful Downtown Asheville | Apartments for Rent successful Downtown Asheville

3. East End-Valley Street

East End-Valley Street is conscionable eastbound of Downtown Asheville. This vicinity is known for its scenic views of nan Blue Ridge Mountains, nan Beaucatcher Trailhead, and Martin Luther King Jr. Park. East End-Valley Street offers plentifulness of ranch-style and craftsman single-family homes and townhouses.

Median Sale Price: $679,000

Homes for Sale successful East End-Valley Street | Apartments for Rent successful East End-Valley Street

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4. Five Points

Five Points is simply a charming vicinity known for its historical homes and proximity to nan University of North Carolina astatine Asheville. Just northbound of Downtown Asheville, nan Five Points area has attractions for illustration nan Asheville Botanical Gardens alongside section cafes and restaurants. Five Points historical homes and apartments, successful styles ranging from Victorian to Colonial Revival.

Median Sale Price: $512,500

Homes for Sale successful Five Points | Apartments for Rent successful Five Points

5. Grove Park-Sunset

Grove Park-Sunset is successful nan northwest portion of Asheville and has beautiful hillside views. This vicinity has galore historical homes, and you’ll find respective historical districts. It’s besides location to Grove Park Inn, a stately mansion-turned-hotel from 1912. Other celebrated attractions successful this area see Grovewood Village and nan William Jennings Bryan House. Grove Park-Sunset has plentifulness of historical homes and apartments. You tin besides find unsocial location styles specified arsenic Tudor-Revival and Prairie-style houses.

Median Sale Price: $867,500

Homes for Sale successful Grove Park-Sunset | Apartments for Rent successful Grove Park-Sunset

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6. Kenilworth

Kenilworth is located successful nan southeastern portion of Asheville. This vicinity is known for its historical homes and proximity to Biltmore Village and nan landmark Biltmore Estate. You tin find attractions successful nan area, for illustration Kenilworth Park and nan Asheville Mall. Kenilworth has galore single-family homes successful 1920s architectural styles for illustration Craftsman bungalows, Spanish-style homes, and Tudor-Revival cottages.

Median Sale Price: $750,000

Homes for Sale successful Kenilworth | Apartments for Rent successful Kenilworth

7. Oakley

Oakley is successful southeast Asheville and is known for its proximity to nan Blue Ridge Parkway. The vicinity is chiefly residential, but you tin find parks for illustration Murphy-Oakley Park. Oakley has galore lodging types, including single-family homes and townhouses successful styles for illustration bungalow and ranch.

Median Sale Price: $390,000

Homes for Sale successful Oakley | Apartments for Rent successful Oakley

Methodology: All neighborhoods must beryllium listed arsenic a “neighborhood” connected Redfin.com. Median location waste value information from nan Redfin Data Center during March 2024. Average rental information from Rent.com during March 2024.

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