Apple’s AirTags have briefly returned to their best price to date

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Happy Saturday, folks! When Apple launched AirTags successful 2021, it was a large infinitesimal for point trackers. Tile still dominated nan scenery backmost then, however, acknowledgment to Apple’s ultra wideband (UWB) spot and their expertise to pat into Apple’s immense Find My network, they quickly became nan go-to prime for iPhone owners. They’ve often gone connected waste for astir $80 successful nan clip since, however, correct now you tin snag a four-pack astatine Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy for $74.99 ($24), an all-time low.

In summation to their ultra-precise search capabilities, which let you to find them moreover erstwhile you’re not successful their contiguous vicinity, Apple’s AirTags person a fewer different things going for them. The useful trackers battalion an IP67 standing — meaning they’re sealed against particulate and tin grip immoderate h2o immersion — and tally connected a azygous CR2032 coin compartment battery, which, if we’re being honest, should beryllium nan lawsuit pinch each Bluetooth trackers astatine this point. You tin besides share a lone AirTag pinch up to 5 people thanks to iOS 17, letting you support tabs connected family car keys, backpacks, and different communal items you’d alternatively not vanish into nan ether.


Apple’s AirTag is unobtrusive, waterproof, and taps into nan monolithic Find My web for out-of-range locating.

An AirTag successful an Apple keychain accessoryAn AirTag successful an Apple keychain accessory

Apple’s AirTags tin thief you find your mislaid items pinch its UWB technology. You’ll get nan champion compatibility pinch an iPhone, though Apple released an Android app to observe an AirTag’s location if 1 seems to beryllium pursuing you.

Amazon’s recent outpouring income event was bigger than expected, though, we saw amazingly fewer deals connected nan company’s ain e-readers extracurricular of a $30 discount connected nan step-up Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. Fortunately for those who waited, Amazon is now trading nan modular Kindle Paperwhite from 2021 pinch 16GB of retention starting astatine $129.99 ($20 off) — a value some Best Buy and Target are presently matching.

Although we’ve seen nan Paperwhite driblet to little before, nan existent promo value isn’t a bad woody for what you’re getting. We see nan 11th-gen Paperwhite to beryllium nan champion exemplary for astir readers, particularly if you mostly bargain ebooks from Amazon and don’t trust connected Barnes & Noble, Kobo’s bookstore, and different sellers. The 6.8-inch reference slate sports a ample 300pi show and IPX8 h2o resistance, on pinch an adjustable frontlight that provides an enjoyable acquisition sloppy of whether you’re reference astatine nighttime aliases during nan day. Plus, it supports USB-C charging and a artillery that tin past a staggering 10 weeks connected a azygous complaint — that is, assuming you’re okay pinch enabling nan “Power Saver” mode, which provides you pinch longer artillery life if you tin hold a spot longer for your Kindle to aftermath up from slumber mode.

Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch E Ink show pinch adjustable colour somesthesia for nighttime reading. It besides boasts a accelerated processor, months-long artillery life, IPX8 waterproofing, and a USB-C port.

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More ways to prevention this weekend

  • Now done nan extremity of today, March 30th, Amazon Prime members tin drawback a Nintendo Switch OLED via nan Woot app for $299.99 ($50 off); non-members, meanwhile, tin grab it for $319.99. A alleged Switch 2 is surely connected nan way, however, if you can’t until it lands adjacent year, nan OLED exemplary is nan champion measurement to acquisition games for illustration The Legend of Zelda: Tears of nan Kingdom and Super Mario Bros. Wonder connected nan go. Nintendo’s souped-up console / handheld hybrid packs a amended kickstand, upgraded speakers, and a 7-inch OLED surface that’s much vibrant than nan 6.2-inch LCD show connected nan original model. Read our review.
  • I for 1 cannot hold for nan return of House of nan Dragon, though I’m little enthused astir Max’s scheme to instrumentality caller password restrictions later this year. Fortunately, Max is still offering some caller and returning subscribers much than 40 percent disconnected its yearly subscriptions if you’re consenting to salary for a twelvemonth upfront, which drops nan value of nan ad-supported guidelines scheme to conscionable $69.99 ($30 off).
  • ESR’s Qi2 Wireless Charging Stand has fallen to an all-time debased astatine Amazon, wherever you tin drawback it for conscionable $65.69 (about $15 off) erstwhile you clip nan on-page coupon. There person been a lot of MageSafe-friendly Qi2 chargers hitting nan marketplace arsenic of late, but ESR’s is 1 of nan much affordable 3-in-1 options. The adjustable guidelines tin proviso 15W of powerfulness to nan latest iPhone models, while allowing you to simultaneously apical disconnected an Apple Watch and a brace of earbuds. Now, if only it could fast-charge newer Apple Watch models...
  • If you want a powerful Bluetooth speaker pinch marathon artillery life for picnics and different spring-y affairs, JBL’s Charge 5 is connected waste correct now astatine Amazon, Best Buy, and Target starting astatine $129.95 ($40 off), which is 1 of its amended prices arsenic of late. It’s a terrific speaker — 1 of our favorites, successful truth — pinch bully sound, stereo pairing, and nan expertise to apical disconnected your telephone acknowledgment to a built-in USB-A port.
  • Amazon is offering nan Eufy P2 Pro Smart Scale for $40.99 ($39 off), its lowest value to date, erstwhile you participate codification EUFYSCALEP2 astatine checkout. Although smaller than different smart scales — including nan Withings Body Smart we tested past twelvemonth — nan water-resistant P2 Pro is simply a bully action if each you want is thing elemental to usage that useful pinch a scope of fittingness platforms (including Apple Health and Fitbit). It besides connects via Bluetooth aliases Wi-Fi and, dissimilar astir models, lets you shop info for arsenic galore users arsenic you’d like.

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Update March 30th, 11:27AM ET: Added Woot’s woody for nan Nintendo Switch OLED, which runs done nan extremity of today, March 30th.

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