AT&T confirms data breach and resets millions of customer passcodes

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AT&T has acknowledged that a information leak making nan rounds online contains accusation from much than 7.6 cardinal existent customers and 65 cardinal erstwhile customers. The institution has reset nan information passcodes of progressive customers affected, and says that leaked accusation "may person included afloat name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, societal information number, day of birth, AT&T relationship number and passcode."

AT&T is reaching retired to affected customers via “email aliases letter” to fto them cognize what information was included and what it’s doing for customers successful response.

The company's acknowledgment that nan leaked information is existent — nan first reports of nan leak emerged successful 2021 — only came after TechCrunch notified AT&T of nan vulnerability of its encrypted passcodes connected Monday. The passcodes are typically four-digit numerical PINs utilized for relationship information connected telephone calls pinch institution support aliases in-store verification and a information researcher’s study revealed that it was “easy to decipher” nan passcodes.

This FAQ says customers tin group up free fraud alerts from in installments bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. According to AT&T, nan information group “appears to beryllium from 2019 aliases earlier and does not incorporate individual financial accusation aliases telephone history.” The institution says it’s moving pinch “external cybersecurity experts to analyse nan situation,” and that truthful acold it has nary “evidence of authorized access” to its systems.

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