Everything you need to know about 'Black Mirror' Season 6

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If you've watched Black Mirror, chances are very bully that you still person questions. That's benignant of Black Mirror's full deal, right? But moreover if you're an eagle-eyed instrumentality who understands why Joan isn't really that overmuch much atrocious than immoderate of us, there's astir apt immoderate Easter ovum you missed. Or possibly you for illustration reference astir what happened connected nan show successful lieu of emotion each agonizing 2nd of dread yourself — hey, that's OK too!

Whatever your Black Mirror needs are, from explaining twist endings to after-credits scenes and different meaty small details, we've sewage you covered.

Everything you request to cognize astir Black Mirror Season 6:

'Black Mirror' Season 6 is Charlie Brooker versus Netflix 

'Black Mirror' Season 6 trailer: All nan Easter eggs you whitethorn person missed

20 of nan astir WTF quotes from Season 6 of 'Black Mirror.' You'll outcry — and laugh.

Every 'Black Mirror' section ever, classed by wide dread

Netflix launches 'Black Mirror'-style Streamberry site. Eep.

We told you. Netflix is utilizing your photos successful a 'Black Mirror' advertisement campaign.

Everything you request to cognize astir Black Mirror's "Joan is Awful":

The 6 astir Streamberry-ish parts of Netflix's existent personification agreement

'Black Mirror' Season 6: "Joan Is Awful," explained

Is 'Black Mirror's 'Joan Is Awful' based connected 1 man's existent life?

Stay tuned aft nan credits for 'Black Mirror's 'Joan Is Awful'

'Black Mirror' Season 6 takes different cheeky changeable astatine HBO successful 'Joan Is Awful'

‘Black Mirror’s 'Joan Is Awful’ has 1 cardinal statement that foreshadows nan ending

What I learned watching 'Black Mirror' pinch resistance queens Trixie Mattel and Katya

Everything you request to cognize astir Black Mirror's "Loch Henry":

'Black Mirror' Season 6: 'Loch Henry,' explained.

Everything you request to cognize astir Black Mirror's "Beyond nan Sea":

'Black Mirror's "Beyond nan Sea" gives america 1 of nan series' darkest endings ever

'Black Mirror' dropped tons of bookish clues successful 'Beyond nan Sea'

How does Aaron Paul necktie nan 'Black Mirror' beingness together?

'Black Mirror's 'Beyond nan Sea': What's nan value of nan song?

Everything you request to cognize astir Black Mirror's "Mazey Day":

'Black Mirror' Season 6: The "Mazey Day" section explained

Everything you request to cognize astir Black Mirror's "Demon 79":

'Demon 79' explained: How Season 6's last section fits into 'Black Mirror'

'Black Mirror' Season 6 referenced 1 hellhole of a disco song

How to watch: Season 6 of Black Mirror is now streaming connected Netflix.(opens successful a caller tab)

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