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In September, Apple launched its latest batch of smartwatches, introducing nan first-ever Ultra ($799) alongside nan Series 8 ($399) and a caller Apple Watch SE ($249). Each wearable has its ain pros and cons, but nan preamble of nan high-end Ultra besides intends location are now much Apple Watch models connected nan marketplace earlier than ever earlier — and a batch much deals to beryllium had.

But pinch each of those options, which 1 should you pick? Generally speaking, you want to bargain nan newest watch you tin spend truthful that it continues to person package updates from Apple. The latest update, watchOS 9, launched connected nan Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models successful September, and watchOS 10 will connection the aforesaid compatibility erstwhile it arrives successful nan fall. Also, support successful mind that, dissimilar immoderate Apple products, nan largest discounts are typically reserved for nan newest models, not nan last-gen ones.

Picking up a watch from nan latest (or a recent) procreation ensures you’re getting a smartwatch pinch an updated design, a robust number of features, and plentifulness of sensors. And thankfully, now that nan Series 3 is officially retired of commission (it was agelong overdue), it’s harder to extremity up pinch a watch that will quickly consciousness outdated.

Now, let’s get into nan deals.

The champion Apple Watch Series 8 deals

The Series 8 connected a woman’s wristThe Series 8 connected a woman’s wrist

The latest mainline smartwatch from Apple features watchOS 9 on pinch Crash Detection and somesthesia sensors that alteration menstrual rhythm search — thing you won’t find connected immoderate different model.

Nike watchface connected Series 8.Nike watchface connected Series 8.

The Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t correspond a drastic departure from nan Series 7, but it does connection Crash Detection and a number of iterative improvements that will make it nan go-to exemplary for many.

The Apple Watch Series 8 represents nan latest wearable successful Apple’s flagship Series lineup. It brings a caller chipset (that our workfellow Victoria Song says isn’t faster than nan erstwhile iteration), caller somesthesia sensors that alteration menstrual tracking, Crash Detection, and a big of different enhancements. While nan subtle improvements are welcome, nan Series 8 isn’t each that different from nan anterior model, nan Apple Watch Series 7.

We precocious saw nan starting value of nan guidelines Apple Watch Series 8 driblet to $329 ($70 off) for Prime Day, which is nan existent value for nan 41mm exemplary pinch GPS astatine Amazon and Walmart. As for nan larger, 45mm exemplary pinch GPS, it’s connected waste astatine Amazon and Walmart for $359, which is besides $70 disconnected and matches nan watch’s all-time low.

If you’re looking to snag an LTE-equipped model, nan 41mm configuration is disposable successful prime styles astatine Amazon and Walmart for $429 ($70 off). Both Amazon and Walmart are besides trading nan 45mm version for $459 ($70 off), matching its lowest value to date.

The champion Apple Watch SE deals

Man successful yellowish overgarment models Apple Watch SE (2022)Man successful yellowish overgarment models Apple Watch SE (2022)

The caller SE for 2022 borrows a fewer features from nan Series 8, including nan aforesaid chipset and Crash Detection feature, but it’s an different subtle upgrade from nan last-gen SE.

Woman looking astatine nan app grid connected nan Apple Watch SE (2022).Woman looking astatine nan app grid connected nan Apple Watch SE (2022).

Apple’s entry-level wearable represents a insignificant upgrade erstwhile compared to nan anterior SE, though it does present a faster chipset and make usage of galore watchOS 9 features.

Apple’s first-gen Apple Watch SE serves arsenic a measurement up from nan now-discontinued Series 3, pinch akin features and a creation that’s much successful statement pinch nan Series 6 from 2020.

The Apple Watch SE received a refresh successful precocious 2022. It has nan aforesaid chipset arsenic nan Series 8, which is great, but pinch less sensors, nary always-on display, and a somewhat outdated creation compared to nan Series 7 and Series 8. Those omissions mightiness return this retired of nan moving for immoderate people, but it still whitethorn beryllium precisely what you’re after. Best of all, it starts astatine $249 for nan 40mm Wi-Fi / GPS model, which is $30 little than nan erstwhile generation’s baseline cost. Opting for cellular connectivity bumps up nan starting value to $299 for nan 40mm size (44mm adds $20 to each configuration).

Right now, nan 40mm Apple Watch SE pinch GPS is disposable astatine Amazon, Best Buy, and Target starting astatine $219 ($30 off), which remains nan watch’s all-time low. The GPS-only exemplary is besides disposable astatine Amazon, Best Buy, and Target successful nan 44mm sizing for astir $249 ($30 off) aliases successful nan LTE configuration astatine Amazon, Best Buy, and Target starting astatine $269 (about $30 off).

If you’re cool pinch getting nan last-gen model, which lacks an always-on show and immoderate of nan much precocious bells and whistles recovered connected nan newer Apple Watch models, Walmart is trading it successful nan guidelines configuration starting astatine conscionable $149, a full of $130 off.

The champion Apple Watch Ultra deals

Side position of Apple Watch pinch Ocean set astatine nan poolSide position of Apple Watch pinch Ocean set astatine nan pool

The Watch Ultra is nan astir rugged and tin Apple Watch available. It has a thicker, bigger build than nan Series 8, precise GPS tracking, and sensors that tin measurement metrics for diving. It only comes successful 1 size and configuration, and it supports some GPS and LTE.

Apple’s big, thick, and tin Watch Ultra launched astatine $799 pinch GPS and LTE support, and successful lawsuit you aren’t successful nan know, it has nan astir features, sensors, and ruggedness of immoderate Apple Watch exemplary disposable frankincense far. Its 49mm lawsuit houses a surface that tin get brighter than nan Series 8, it has a longer-lasting artillery and much precise GPS tracking, and it’s loaded pinch sensors that fundamentally move it into a swimming and diving guide.

In May, we saw prime Apple Watch Ultra configurations driblet to $701.99 (about $97 off). Right now, however, Apple’s premium wearable is only connected waste astatine Amazon successful prime configurations for arsenic debased arsenic $779.99 ($19 off), which remains nan watch’s third-lowest value to date.

A statement connected nan much premium models

While each of nan Apple Watch models and colorways covered present are encased successful aluminum (except nan Ultra, which has a titanium build), Apple does make a much premium scope built retired of stainless alloy and titanium. These offerings are functionally and aesthetically akin to their aluminum counterparts, pinch somewhat refined colors and finishings — polished for nan stainless alloy and brushed for nan titanium. However, they commencement astatine overmuch steeper prices of $749 and above. They, too, tin often beryllium recovered connected sale, but they’re ne'er discounted arsenic debased arsenic nan modular guidelines models, truthful we don’t see them here.

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