Metroid Prime Remastered is coming to the Switch today

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It’s not Metroid Prime 4, but it’s still large news for fans of intergalactic bounty huntsman Samus Aran: nan original Metroid Prime is being remastered for nan Switch. Even better, nan crippled will beryllium launching coming successful nan Nintendo eShop (a beingness type will beryllium disposable connected February 22nd). The news was announced during Nintendo’s first Direct position of 2023.

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The first Prime launched 2 decades agone connected nan GameCube and was singular for nan measurement it translated nan moody exploration of Super Metroid into a first-person experience. It was followed by 2 sequels. A 4th game, nan aptly named Metroid Prime 4, is successful nan useful but was rebooted successful 2019 pinch small accusation since then.

The past crippled successful nan bid was nan 2D action title Metroid Dread, which deed nan Switch successful 2021.

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