Most people can tweet again, but Twitter still has issues

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Twitter appears to beryllium recovering from having method issues that prevented group from tweeting, though problems pinch DMs, and accessing TweetDeck are still seemingly persisting. Downdetector reports that nan problems started astir 4:30PM ET, and nan unfettered expertise to tweet came backmost astir an hr and a half later.

The company has said it’s alert of nan existing issues, and is moving connected fixing them.

Tweets were visible during nan partial outage, but respective Verge unit members sewage a connection saying that they were “over nan regular limit for sending Tweets” erstwhile trying to station aliases retweet personification else’s post. Some Twitter users said were capable to activity astir nan correction by scheduling tweets successful nan future.

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There are still immoderate issues pinch nan service. I’m presently incapable to reliably usage DMs aliases notifications, travel caller accounts, aliases usage TweetDeck. Going to shows a log-in fastener (it shouldn’t, fixed that I’m already logged successful connected Twitter), and clicking connected it conscionable blanks retired nan surface earlier refreshing nan page.

It’s presently unclear what caused nan issues — reportedly moreover Twitter engineers aren’t judge what happened yet, according to The Information. The study says that it’s been suggested a alteration led to web requests being misdirected. Musk reportedly sent retired an email to Twitter labor asking them to region activity connected caller features “in favour of maximizing strategy stableness and robustness, particularly pinch nan Super Bowl coming up.”

This is happening arsenic Twitter’s apt gearing up for a large change. Last week, nan institution announced that it’d mostly beryllium turning disconnected free entree for its API starting tomorrow, and making changes to a halfway strategy could person unintended consequences. During nan partial outage, however, nan Twitter Dev relationship announced that nan existent free tier will stay progressive until February 13th, aft which it would beryllium constricted to creating “up to 1,500 Tweets per month.” A caller $100 per period basal entree tier would besides beryllium introduced offering a “low level of API usage and entree to nan Ads API.”

Update Wednesday February 8th, 6:27PM ET: Updated to bespeak that you tin erstwhile again nonstop tweets.

Update Wednesday February 8th, 7:27PM ET: Updated to adhd Twitter’s announcement astir nan free API tier..

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