Palmsy is an anti-social social media app

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On Palmsy, you station to nary 1 — but get clone likes from your interaction list.

palmsy screenshots

Palmsy lets you station into nan void. Credit: Screenshots: Palmsy

If you've ever wanted Notes to person a clone societal media function, there's a caller app conscionable for you: Palmsy.

As reported by TechCrunch, Palmsy is fundamentally a phony societal media app successful that you tin station texts and photos — to nary one. Import your contacts database and Palmsy will fabricate "likes" from them, and moreover nonstop push notifications arsenic if group person interacted pinch your posts. But, according to nan invited surface and developer Pat Nakajima, it's each for show. Nothing ever leaves your device.

Nakajima posted connected Threads that Palmsy "lets you make lil posts. past get clone likes from random folks successful your contacts. thing ever leaves your device, it's conscionable pretend."

black inheritance pinch achromatic matter that sounds "Welcome to Palmsy. Palmsy lets you make small posts for yourself. Then it sends you immoderate push notifications from random pals from your contacts. It's each conscionable for fun, thing ever leaves your device. Your privateness is important. To get everything moving smoothly, please let push notifications and contacts access."

Palmsy invited surface explaining nan app. Credit: Screenshot: Palmsy

As Engadget put it, Palmsy is simply a journaling app that offers "fake likes from existent friends." Why? Perhaps to supply nan dopamine deed that existent societal media offers while maintaining your privacy. Social media isn't precisely bully for our intelligence health, truthful possibly apps for illustration Palmsy tin supply immoderate solace — successful lawsuit you don't want to really put down your phone.

In a Mashable trial of nan app, precocious options allowed you to find really galore clone likes you get, and complete what play of time. Palmsy tin past supply a curated societal media acquisition that only exists for you.

Palmsy precocious options to find really galore likes you get and complete what timeframe

Palmsy lets you determine really galore likes you get complete a definite timeframe. Credit: Screenshot: Palmsy

In caller years, societal media apps for illustration BeReal person attempted to beryllium much "authentic." In BeReal's case, it eventually plateaued and is now months distant from moving retired of money. Palmsy appears to beryllium nan adjacent improvement of this arsenic nan anti-social societal media app. We'll spot really agelong this 1 lasts.

Palmsy is free to download connected iPhone and iPad, but it's only disposable connected iOS 17.2 aliases later.

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