Samsung has created a zero-click antivirus for messages

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Samsung has introduced a caller Message Guard information characteristic for its Galaxy scope of smartphones and tablets that tin amended protect users against “zero-click” cyberattacks disguised arsenic image attachments successful messages. Zero-click attacks — which instal spyware and different malicious codification onto devices without immoderate relationship from nan proprietor — person go progressively communal complete nan past fewer years. 

One of nan astir notable examples of zero-click attacks was discovered by Citizen Lab successful 2020, aft a known iOS / iMessage zero-click information flaw was exploited to instal NSO’s Pegasus spyware onto nan phones of journalists, politicians, and activists betwixt 2017 and 2020.

Zero-click attacks often time off small trace and victims whitethorn beryllium wholly unaware that their instrumentality has been compromised. In immoderate cases, information measures for illustration end-to-end encrypted messaging intended to protect users tin really make zero-click attacks even harder to detect arsenic nan information being sent tin only beryllium viewed by nan sender and receiver.

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Samsung claims its caller Message Guard characteristic tin thief forestall these attacks earlier they occur, automatically quarantining and neutralizing imaginable threats concealed wrong PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, ICO, WEBP, BMP, and WBMP format image files earlier they tin origin immoderate harm. When a Galaxy instrumentality receives a matter connection pinch an image attachment, Message Guard isolates nan image record from nan remainder of your instrumentality to fastener down immoderate perchance malicious code. The characteristic past scans nan image earlier processing it to guarantee it can’t infect nan device.

Samsung Message Guard is disposable now connected Galaxy S23 series phones (available to bargain from today, February 17th) and will yet beryllium rolled retired to different Galaxy smartphones and tablets moving One UI 5.1 aliases higher astatine immoderate constituent later this year. The Message Guard characteristic presently useful connected Samsung Messages and Messages by Google, and will yet beryllium made disposable to undisclosed third-party messaging apps via a package update “at a later date.” Message Guard doesn’t request to beryllium activated by nan personification and runs “silently and mostly invisibly successful nan background,” according to Samsung.

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