Score a refurbished MacBook Pro for under $500

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of June 24, get a refurbished MacBook Pro(opens successful a caller tab) for only $469.99 — you'll prevention 66%.

Computer shopping for a soon-to-be assemblage student is tough. Finding a machine that’s costs effective, reliable, and fresh to recreation from people to people is simply a challenge, but it’s not intolerable if you cognize wherever to look. Instead of getting a brand-new, costly computer, you mightiness person amended luck pinch a refurbished laptop for illustration this MacBook Pro(opens successful a caller tab). Normally, this laptop costs $1,399, but you tin get it for conscionable $469.99. 

A low-cost MacBook for your caller assemblage student 

Send your student disconnected to nan caller semester successful style pinch a machine they tin bring pinch them to each class. This refurbished MacBook Pro comes pinch a 54.5Whr artillery that's built to tally for up to 10 hours connected a azygous charge. That’s a afloat time of courses pinch immoderate room to spare for homework. 

Without nan correct apps, a machine is conscionable an costly table ornament. This 1 comes pinch 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i5 processor. It whitethorn not beryllium capable to tally nan latest video games and different heavy demanding software, but it could load up productivity package for illustration Microsoft Office and different basal apps conscionable fine.

If your student needs immoderate attraction time, they tin link a brace of Bluetooth earbuds and hone successful connected their work. And if nan semester feels for illustration it’s dragging, you tin ever ringing them up connected FaceTime and spot them done nan 720p HD front-facing camera. That could besides beryllium useful if they’re joining online lectures. 

When you’re shopping for refurbished devices(opens successful a caller tab), ever cheque nan refurbished standing to get an thought of what you’ll beryllium unboxing. This MacBook has a “B” rating, which intends it mightiness person immoderate ray scuffs aliases scratches connected nan case, but it won’t alteration really nan machine runs.

Send your student to schoolhouse pinch a reliable laptop

You whitethorn not person to driblet nan costs of tuition connected a machine for your assemblage kid. 

Get a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro(opens successful a caller tab) for $469.99. 

Prices taxable to change.

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