Sony’s elusive PlayStation Portal is back in stock at Best Buy (update: sold out)

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Update March 30th, 10:42AM ET: Best Buy has sold retired of nan PlayStation Portal (again).

Sony’s PlayStation Portal whitethorn not beryllium nan astir awesome handheld we’ve ever tested, but it’s bully capable that it’s proven difficult to get ahold of. The single-purpose instrumentality has consistently sold retired whenever it becomes available, though, today, you person different changeable astatine landing nan elusive distant player. Right now, it’s available astatine Best Buy for its afloat unit value of $199.99.

In lawsuit you request a refresher, Sony’s caller handheld instrumentality features an eight-inch touchscreen LCD, which you tin usage to watercourse PlayStation 5 games via Remote Play complete Wi-Fi. It’s a fun, portable instrumentality that delivers a bully all-in-one experience, arsenic opposed to a phone, an iPad, aliases a mobile controller for illustration nan Backbone One aliases Razer Kishi. Unlike nan second devices, nan Portal supports nan afloat scope of DualSense haptics, which intends you tin return advantage of tilt controls and much immersive features (ahem, adaptive triggers).

The PlayStation Portal resting connected a solid java table.The PlayStation Portal resting connected a solid java table.


The PlayStation Portal is simply a handheld instrumentality that allows you to play PS5 games complete Wi-Fi. You tin link it to PlayStation Link-supported devices for illustration nan Pulse Explore aliases a group of wired headphones.

Nevertheless, nan add-on does travel pinch a fewer shortcomings. For one, you tin only usage nan instrumentality pinch Sony’s proprietary Link audio devices, specifically nan Pulse Explore earbuds and Pulse Elite headset. Its sole reliance connected Wi-Fi 5 besides efficaciously renders it unusable if you person mediocre connectivity, astatine slightest successful our testing. Thankfully, we recovered plugging your PS5 into ethernet helps, allowing you to play nan AAA single-player games nan PlayStation marque is known for. Just steer clear of games pinch a batch of latency, for illustration fighters and online shooters.

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