The Amazon Halo Rise would be a neat sleep tracker, if it weren’t for my cat

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I americium stuck successful a vicious cycle. My feline is an asshole who likes waking maine up astatine 3AM. In pursuit of a much peaceful slumber (and a caller beingness arsenic an aboriginal riser), I crook to each sorts of gadgets and sleep tech. It works for a while, until my feline adopts a caller strategy.

I drowned retired his late-night yowls with the Bose SleepBuds II, until helium started batting my look with his paws. I bought him a feline fountain truthful he’d halt knocking implicit the cupful connected my nightstand; helium was pleased until helium decided it was much amusive to portion condensation successful the bathtub and past scream. Inevitably, I aftermath up precocious and exhausted. Rinse and repeat.

I had hoped to interruption the rhythm with the Amazon Halo Rise, a $139.99 astute alarm clock, sunrise lamp, and contactless slumber tracker rolled into one. And I deliberation it might’ve worked if it weren’t for my pugnacious purry lad Pablo.

A sleepy jack-of-all-trades

I decided to reappraisal the Halo Rise due to the fact that I’m struggling to alteration from a nighttime owl to an aboriginal bird. Outside a bout of insomnia, my talents see sleeping done 3 iPhone alarms, aggregate vibrating smartwatch alarms, and astir of my spouse’s nightly pilgrimages to the kitchen. (They look unaware that murphy spot bags crinkle 1,000 times louder astatine night.) I work determination that sunrise lamps tin beryllium an effectual yet gentle mode to aftermath up and was virtually successful the mediate of researching which 1 to bargain erstwhile my exertion mentioned the Halo Rise.

On paper, the Halo Rise is an businesslike option. It helps you aftermath up mildly by mimicking earthy greeting airy during your lightest slumber signifier and has sensors to show ambient temperature, airy disturbances, and humidity. You tin nexus it with an Echo device, efficaciously turning it into different voice-controlled astute light. It’s tiny capable to acceptable connected a crowded nightstand, and its minimal plan is versatile capable to spell with a assortment of chamber decor.

I was astir wary of the Halo Rise’s contactless slumber tracking. Wearable oregon mattress-based slumber trackers thin to usage a operation of question sensors and bosom complaint information to find which signifier of slumber you’re in. There is nary accelerometer oregon optical bosom complaint sensor successful the Halo Rise. Instead, similar the Nest Hub, it tracks slumber via a low-energy radar that analyzes your question and breathing. Unlike the Nest Hub (and immoderate smartphone slumber tracking apps), there’s nary microphone, truthful it doesn’t grounds your snores oregon voices. There’s nary camera, either. That’s large for privacy, but it besides eliminates different information source. This yet means the Halo Rise’s radars and algorithms person to beryllium connected constituent for the slumber tracking to beryllium close — and successful my experience, radars successful slumber gadgets tin beryllium deed oregon miss.

View of slumber tracking surface successful Amazon Halo app connected an iPhone with the Halo Rise successful the background.

You presumption your slumber metrics successful the Amazon Halo app, which is reasonably basic.

Bundling each of these features into 1 instrumentality is convenient, but arsenic the saying goes, a jack-of-all-trades is simply a maestro of none. Nightstand existent property is precious; there’s nary country for thing that falls conscionable shy of nailing everything it’s expected to do. That’s wherever my caput was astatine going into testing. Now that I’ve utilized it for a small implicit a month, I tin accidental that my instincts were spot-on — but not due to the fact that of the Rise.

Operation: slumber nary meow

Setting up the Rise is casual peasy, but positioning it is tricky. Because it’s a contactless tracker, you request to purpose it successful the close direction. The app walks you done it, but the gist is that you person to:

  • Place it connected a nightstand specified that the Rise’s metallic basal is either the aforesaid tallness oregon up to 8 inches supra your mattress.
  • Point it astatine your precocious body.
  • Ensure there’s astir 1 arm’s magnitude of region betwixt you and the Rise.
  • Remove immoderate objects betwixt you and the Rise (though bedding is okay).

The hard happening is making definite that it stays this way. For me, that meant checking that my books, h2o bottle, and telephone weren’t obstructing immoderate portion of the Rise earlier bed. You tin acceptable nightly reminders successful the Halo app to cheque that everything’s positioned correctly, but that’s conscionable 1 much notification for you to disregard connected your phone. But adjacent though I did everything right, determination was 1 origin I couldn’t control: Pablo.

Close up of Amazon Halo Rise connected a nightstand, showing circular shape, metallic legs, and curved airy source.

The Halo Rise is tiny capable to acceptable connected astir nightstands, but you’ll request to marque definite thing is blocking its radars.

I archetypal suspected thing was disconnected erstwhile I started comparing my humanities Halo Rise slumber scores to what I got connected the Oura Ring, Apple Watch Ultra, Garmin Fenix 7S Sapphire Solar edition, Polar Ignite 3, and respective different wearables and slumber tracking apps I’ve been testing. I besides support a slumber and fittingness journal, truthful I was capable to cross-reference erstwhile I got a crappy nighttime of sleep. Impressively, the Halo Rise was precise close connected a mates of nights erstwhile a persistent cough oregon insomnia woke maine up. For those nights, my information and slumber signifier graphs crossed each my trial devices corresponded. On respective days wherever I got really bully sleep, the Halo Rise was capable to admit that, too. Again, my information corresponded crossed respective platforms.

But determination were besides respective nights erstwhile the information did not lucifer astatine all. My wearable devices would accidental I’d slept soundly with fewer disturbances. Only the Halo Rise would accidental I’d been up for hours erstwhile I hadn’t. For instance, the Oura Ring would accidental I’d had astir an hour’s worthy of awake time. The Halo Rise would accidental I’d been sleepless for 3 to 4 hours. Sometimes those wakeful periods matched connected slumber signifier graphs. Other times, they perfectly didn’t.

Amazon Halo app showing a just slumber people of 66 with 3 hours, 12 minutes of awake time.Oura Ring app showing a longer slumber duration than the Amazon Halo app connected the aforesaid day.44AM arsenic good arsenic 2 hours, 46 minutes of awake time.The aforesaid time arsenic the erstwhile descent from the Oura Ring app, showing less slumber disturbances and an awake clip of 1 hour, 33 minutes.Several disruptions depicted successful the Amazon Halo app with an awake clip of 2 hours, 7 minutesOura Ring information for the aforesaid nighttime arsenic the erstwhile descent showing galore less disturbances and an awake clip of 36 minutes.


Three nights wherever I person factual memories of Pablo wrecking my sleep. You tin spot the discrepancies successful awake times. In each instance, my representation aligns much with the information recorded by the Oura Ring. The Halo Rise was close astatine signaling airy disturbances, however.

I asked Dr. Michael Miyamoto, aesculapian manager for Amazon Halo, wherefore that mightiness be. Could my spouse’s midnight snacking confuse the Rise? According to Miyamoto, portion it can’t beryllium ruled out, it’s highly unlikely, arsenic the Rise is programmed to absorption connected the assemblage closest to it. Miyamoto besides told maine that radical mostly aftermath up respective times during the nighttime but lone for a fewer seconds. The Rise lone records it arsenic a disturbance if it’s an lawsuit lasting longer than 5 minutes. That’s astir erstwhile I enactment 2 and 2 together. I asked if it were imaginable that a feline could wreck my results.

Blurry representation of Pablo making mode to nightstand

Caught making his mode to the Halo Rise. Glasses were knocked disconnected the nightstand 2 seconds later.

Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

Pablo intelligibly sitting betwixt maine and the Halo Rise

Caught erstwhile again contemplating nightstand mischief portion blocking the Halo Rise. This disturbance was logged the adjacent greeting arsenic maine being awake for 1 hour.

Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

Here’s what you request to cognize astir Night Pablo. Night Pablo loves chaos, nightstands, and creating chaos connected my nightstand. A fewer times a week, I aftermath up to the dependable of my glasses, books, phone, Nintendo Switch, oregon h2o vessel clattering crossed the floor. Why? It took america a agelong clip to fig it out. It’s not that he’s bare oregon thirsty; helium has an automatic feeder and a fancy feline fountain. It turns retired this crepuscular demon wants idiosyncratic to witness him eating kibble. It’s beneath him to dine alone.

Pablo doesn’t ever sound worldly disconnected of my nightstand. He parks his fluffy butt determination for myriad reasons. He loves playing with my charging cables. He loves sniffing my stuff. He likes having a launching pad for catapulting himself onto my spouse’s chest. Sometimes, he’ll beryllium close adjacent to my caput and request scritches. (And if I don’t, he’ll bite.) It’s not each night, and I don’t retrieve each lawsuit due to the fact that I usually slumber similar the dead. That said, I’ve sleepily witnessed it capable times implicit 5 years to cognize it happens.

In short, due to the fact that the Halo Rise zeroes successful connected the closest body, it apt confused Pablo’s mischief-making arsenic me being awake. I present person an inadvertent grounds of each the nights Pablo entered chaos mode. That, successful itself, was startling. I knew Pablo sometimes made it hard to get decent shut-eye — I conscionable wasn’t alert of however overmuch that added up to implicit time. I’ve since caught him successful the enactment and corroborated it with the information the adjacent morning.

Needless to say, if you privation to usage it arsenic a slumber tracker, the Halo Rise is amended suited to radical who don’t person rambunctious kitties (or furniture partners).

Good alarm clock, amended astute light

Sleep tracking is conscionable 1 of the things the Halo Rise tin do. Pet-induced inaccuracies aside, it’s not a atrocious slumber tracking enactment if you consciousness uncomfortable wearing watches oregon rings to sleep. But I was much excited to effort the astute alarm and sunrise lamp combo.

As mentioned earlier, I’m trying to go a greeting person. So far, I’ve had mixed results. I acceptable the Halo Rise’s astute alarm for 6:45AM. After a month, my occurrence complaint is astir 45 percent. On the 1 hand, the Halo Rise’s default alarm dependable is adorably cheery. It reminds maine of my atom cooker — a tiny robot singing successful a MIDI-esque dependable truthful you cognize it’s clip to bash the thing. Even my spouse said it was the “least annoying alarm tone” and “kinda cute.” I’d property the 45 percent of the clip I did get up to the audible alarm. If you don’t similar cute bleeps and boops, you’re wrong, but you tin besides link it to an Echo instrumentality to play euphony instead.

All your Halo Rise alarm options:

TKTKTKTKTKTK(opens a caller window)

On the flip side, the simulated sunrise didn’t assistance maine much. I slumber connected my side, truthful erstwhile I’m turned distant from the Rise, I don’t get immoderate benefit. My backmost does. I besides recovered it a small dim, but that’s a maine problem. Most sunrise lamps are betwixt 100 and 300 lux, and the Halo Rise is close successful that scope with a maximum of 300 lux. I simply didn’t find it agleam capable due to the fact that I seemingly request a floodlight shining down connected maine to aftermath up. If you’re much delicate to airy (or slumber connected your back), you mightiness person greater occurrence than I did.

The Halo Rise with the airy information turned on

You get a maximum of 300 lux, which is paradoxically agleam and not agleam capable astatine the aforesaid time.

The irony is that, erstwhile you’re awake, the Halo Rise is simply a bully lamp — particularly if you’re trying to nix bluish airy from your surroundings earlier bed. It was agleam capable for maine to work my books and Kindle Paperwhite successful furniture without feeling harsh oregon overpowering. While you tin set brightness, you can’t tweak the colour temperature; it’s conscionable automatic variations connected lukewarm lighting.

But here, too, Pablo’s interference occasionally mucked things up. Because helium liked to get betwixt maine and the Rise anyplace betwixt 3AM and 6AM, it’d sometimes travel up the astute alarm. That’s due to the fact that the astute alarm volition spell disconnected wrong a 30-minute model of your alarm if it detects you’re successful a lighter signifier of sleep. Unless, of course, it confuses a moving feline for you. The alarm went disconnected betwixt 6:15 and 6:30AM a mates of times, and I’d smash the snooze / disconnected fastener similar I was trying to triumph a circular of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Once I figured retired it was Pablo’s fault, I turned disconnected the astute portion and settled for a “regular” alarm.

There were a fewer things Pablo couldn’t ruin for me. His beingness had zero interaction connected the Rise tracking the temperature, humidity, oregon airy disturbances successful my bedroom. I already person a decent slumber setup — the somesthesia is ever a pleasant 65–70 degrees Fahrenheit, and we precocious got blackout curtains. However, it’s a adust winter, and I often aftermath up hacking up my lungs. The Rise confirmed that our chamber is way excessively dry astir nights, truthful we got a humidifier. When I retrieve to usage it, it really helps.

Top-down presumption of the Halo Rise showing its 2 buttons

There are lone 2 buttons to remember: the snooze fastener (top) and the connected / disconnected button. The snooze fastener besides contains the airy sensor. I had a hard clip remembering which was which erstwhile sleepy and ended up hitting some until it unopen up.

Amazon besides sent maine an Echo Show to effort utilizing alongside the Rise. You can, for instance, inquire Alexa to amusement your slumber information connected the Show. It worked erstwhile I tested it, but I didn’t find it useful. I preferred utilizing the Rise arsenic a astute airy with my different Echo devices. The information that you tin usage it successful Alexa Routines and power it with dependable commands is neat, particularly if you’ve already invested successful the Amazon astute location ecosystem. (It’s lone compatible with Alexa.)

Let’s speech subscriptions

For $140, you get the Rise and a six-month proceedings of Amazon’s Halo service. After that, Halo costs $3.99 monthly. That’s comparatively affordable arsenic acold arsenic subscriptions go, but here’s wherefore I’m not sold. For starters, the Halo app is reasonably basic, and it’s not the easiest to presumption humanities information if you’re a self-quantifying nerd. It’s truly lone worthy paying if you usage the Rise alongside the Halo Band oregon Halo View — and I urge neither owed to their bizarre body mapping and code policing features. (Side note: if you usage either tracker, Miyamoto says the app volition prioritize the Rise for slumber data.) If you don’t springiness a flip astir the Halo Band oregon Halo View, you still get astir each of the slumber features and immoderate workouts, recipes, and programs without membership.

Extremely abdominous feline sleeping connected furniture successful nonstop way of the Halo Rise.

Pablo, smug and napping aft a hard nighttime of making definite the Halo Rise can’t way my slumber accurately.

Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

Otherwise, $140 is connected the pricier broadside but not egregious fixed the other smarts and slumber tracking. For context, sunrise lamps tin outgo anyplace from $50 to $200 for one of Philips’ fancier lamps. When you enactment each of that together, I’m not definite wherefore you would wage for the subscription if you program connected utilizing the Rise by itself.

Ultimately, the Rise is the champion Amazon Halo merchandise frankincense acold and the archetypal caller Amazon merchandise I’ve liked successful a agelong while. It’s the slightest invasive successful the Halo lineup, and portion it wasn’t cleanable for me, that’s not the device’s fault. It’s Pablo’s.

And earlier you accidental anything, we’ve tried closing the chamber door. It lone leads to the feline destroying immoderate breakable point helium tin find successful retaliation. Since I emotion the hairy bugger and don’t program connected evicting him, I don’t deliberation the Rise suits my needs. But if you don’t person a rascally pet, possibly you tin person what I tin lone imagination of: an uninterrupted nighttime of sleep.

Agree to Continue: Amazon Halo Rise

Every astute instrumentality present requires you to hold to a bid of presumption and conditions earlier you tin usage it — contracts that nary 1 really reads. It’s intolerable for america to work and analyse each azygous 1 of these agreements. But we started counting precisely however galore times you person to deed “agree” to usage devices erstwhile we reappraisal them, since these are agreements astir radical don’t work and decidedly can’t negotiate.

To usage the Amazon Halo Rise, you indispensable brace it with an iPhone oregon Android smartphone. That includes the phone’s presumption of service, privateness policy, and immoderate different permissions you grant.

By mounting up the Amazon Halo Rise, you’re agreeing to:

If you take to usage the Halo Rise with an Echo device, you indispensable besides hold to that device’s presumption and privateness policy. The aforesaid is existent if you determine to usage it with Amazon Alexa.

Final tally: 2 mandatory agreements and astatine slightest 4 optional agreements.

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