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Things are looking agleam for those who want to nab a awesome TV successful 2023 astatine a important discount. Although immoderate new models announced during CES 2023 person precocious arrived, not each are receiving predominant aliases important discounts. However, you don’t person to hold to onshore a awesome woody connected a mid- aliases high-end TV from LG, TCL, Hisense, aliases Amazon’s ain Fire TV brand, arsenic galore of nan flagship models from this twelvemonth and past are presently trading for hundreds of dollars little than their original database price.

Right now, location are a number of discounted 4K TVs to take from, spanning a wide assortment of prices, size configurations, and characteristic sets. Whether you want a secondary TV for nan chamber aliases a high-end OLED that’s built for a cinema-like experience, we’ve picked retired nan champion TV deals crossed immoderate communal categories.

The champion 4K TV deals for astir people

TCL 6-Series Mini LED

The TCL 6-Series R646 exemplary has a Mini LED QLED sheet pinch HDR10 Plus support and 4K gaming astatine 120Hz via HDMI 2.1 arsenic good arsenic hands-free Google Assistant sound commands and nan Google TV interface that offers each awesome streaming apps. It’s a bully action if you are looking to equilibrium value and performance, and nan 55-inch model is presently connected waste astatine Amazon for $549.99 ($100 off), which is nan lowest value connected nan celebrated 6-Series model. Read our TCL 6-Series Google TV review.

TCL’s R646 6-Series Google TV features Mini LED backlighting for an impactful, agleam picture. The TV’s capacity and predominant improvements via package updates make it among nan champion values connected nan market.

Hisense U8H

The Hisense U8H is different awesome worth for a moderately priced Mini LED. The 4K TV tin render immoderate awesome highest levels of brightness and offers up to 120Hz for your gaming needs; it besides supports HDMI 2.1 connected 2 of its 4 ports. Plus, it supports Google TV. All of this primitively started astatine $1,099.99, but nan 55-inch exemplary tin now beryllium had for $649.99 ($50 off) astatine Best Buy. Also, nan 65-inch Hisense U8H is trading for astir $799 ($150 off) astatine Amazon and Best Buy.

While we haven’t officially reviewed nan Hisense U8H, our ain TV reviewer, Chris Welch, liked it capable to bargain 1 for himself, and if that’s not a existent recommendation, I don’t cognize what is.

Hisense’s U8H Mini LED 4K TV tin deed immoderate genuinely awesome brightness levels and nutrient mesmerizing HDR. The TV besides supports 4K 120Hz, Wi-Fi 6, and runs Google TV software.

The champion 4K TV deals for those connected a budget

TCL 4-Series (Roku TV model)

Like its predecessor, TCL’s latest 4-Series remains 1 of nan much affordable options connected nan market. The 2022 exemplary pinch Roku interface (the S455 variant) offers 4 HDMI ports — 1 of which supports eARC for an optional soundbar. At nan aforesaid time, nan LED TV continues to support HDR10, each nan awesome streaming apps, and a modular 60Hz refresh rate.

The 4-Series comes successful a assortment of sizes, and correct now, you person your prime from mini to large astatine humble discounts. Best Buy is trading nan 50-inch for $269.99 ($30 off), nan 55-inch for $279.99 ($40 off), nan 65-inch for $359.99 ($70 off), and nan jumbo 75-inch for $599.99 (a paltry $20 off). While nan 4-Series whitethorn not person nan astir coveted specs aliases highest-quality LED panel, it’s difficult to contradict really bully of a worth it offers, sloppy of which size sheet you take — pinch nan existent woody connected nan 65-inch offering nan champion worth correct now.

A 60Hz TV from TCL’s Class 4-Series that includes HDR, a built-in Roku TV interface, and support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Amazon Fire TV Omni (2021)

The older 2021 exemplary of nan Amazon Fire TV Omni, nan precursor to nan newer QLED version, is seeing immoderate coagulated sales. Amazon is discounting nan 55-inch Fire TV Omni to $469.99 ($80 off) while nan 65-inch type is $599.99 ($160 off). Lastly, nan bigger 75-inch exemplary gets nan biggest discount astatine Amazon, arsenic it’s presently $859.99 ($190 off).

The 2021 Fire TV Omni didn’t wow america pinch its image quality, but its fierce pricing and heavy Alexa integration, which allows for sound power moreover erstwhile it’s turned off, helped dress up for that a bit. If you’re connected a fund and aren’t allergic to Amazon pushing its ain content, nan Omni, astatine these prices, is worthy a look.

Amazon’s 2021 Fire TV Omni features built-in microphones for Alexa commands, debased input lag, and support for two-way video calling. It besides provides entree to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and astir awesome streaming services. Only nan 65-inch and 75-inch models support Dolby Vision, however.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED

Amazon’s newer Fire TV Omni QLED launched successful precocious 2022, and we’re seeing frequent, sizable discounts. The 65-inch exemplary debuted astatine $799.99 but is presently discounted to $599.99 ($200 off) astatine Best Buy and Amazon. We haven’t tested nan caller QLEDs, but it seems to build connected nan last-gen model pinch a amended design. It supports Dolby Vision IQ for HDR — allowing it to set itself depending connected nan magnitude of ambient ray — on pinch nan aforesaid hands-free Alexa perks offered by nan erstwhile exemplary and section dimming for much realistic lighting successful scenes. Our workfellow Chris Welch has each nan awesome specifications successful his announcement post.

Amazon’s Fire TV Omni QLED features built-in microphones for Alexa commands, debased input lag, and support for two-way video calling. It besides provides entree to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and astir awesome streaming services.

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The champion deals connected 4K TVs for nan PS5 and Xbox Series X

Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X tin play 4K games pinch HDR astatine up to 120 frames per second. So, naturally, if you don’t person a TV that takes afloat advantage of your console, it mightiness beryllium clip to upgrade to 1 of nan models below. Note that, for nan champion experience, you’ll want a TV that supports HDMI 2.1.


If you’re looking for an awesome TV, we urge turning your attraction to LG’s 2022 C2 model. The 4K TV touts support for Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync adaptable refresh complaint tech on pinch a 120Hz refresh complaint and debased input lag. It besides boasts a settings pane dubbed “Game Optimizer,” which conveniently brings together a big of game-centric settings — refresh rate, latency, etc. — for quicker access.

The C2 is slow connected its measurement retired now that nan newer C3 is present to switch it, but successful nan meantime, nan C2 is receiving predominant discounts crossed a assortment of sizes. One of nan champion deals correct now is connected nan 55-inch version, which is connected waste astatine Amazon for $1,196.99 (about $300 off), arsenic good arsenic nan 65-inch version, which is down to $1,596.99 ($300 off) astatine some Amazon and B&H Photo.

LG’s C2 is simply a jack-of-all-trades 4K OLED TV. It offers beautiful image pinch cleanable blacks, 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, and a ton of package features, including support for Apple HomeKit and AirPlay 2.


If you tin walk a spot much and want an OLED pinch a small much futureproofing, nan newer LG C3 is now receiving immoderate occasional discounts. The caller exemplary whitethorn not beryllium caput and shoulders amended than nan last-gen C2 successful each way, but it’s some faster and brighter. The TV’s caller processing powerfulness should make it a bully TV for nan agelong haul, arsenic it’s little apt to slow down complete nan years arsenic caller updates travel out, and it’s besides sewage immoderate nifty caller image modes to guideline you done getting nan look you want.

Right now, you tin get nan 55-inch LG C3 for $1,496.99 ($300 off) astatine B&H Photo aliases for $1,499.99 astatine Best Buy. However, nan champion woody astir is connected nan 65-inch C3, which you tin get done August 6th for $1,757.59 (around $740 disconnected nan MSRP) from BuyDig done eBay erstwhile you usage nan 20 percent disconnected codification SAVE4SCHOOL astatine checkout.

The LG C3 offers much processing powerfulness than its predecessor and respective caller image modes. It continues to connection a 120Hz refresh complaint and debased input lag arsenic well, on pinch support for Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync adaptable refresh complaint tech.


Even pinch nan aforementioned C2 discounts, OLED prices aren’t for everyone. If you want thing that’ll still look amazing, LG’s Class 83 Series QNED Mini LED lineup offers galore of nan aforesaid perks for less. The Mini LED backlighting allows for amended contrast, much brightness, move HDR, and improved colour accuracy complete LG’s erstwhile LCD TVs. Crucially for gamers, they besides person HDMI 2.1 ports pinch 120Hz support astatine 4K resolution.

The 65-inch model, which has webOS for built-in streaming apps, is presently $999.99 astatine Best Buy. This is $700 disconnected its original price, which is rather nan drop. However, if you person nan abstraction and fund for going moreover bigger, nan 75-inch type is $1,399.99 ($1,100 disconnected its original price) astatine Best Buy.

LG’s QNED pinch Mini LED backlighting is made for those who want a large astonishing TV for nether $1,000.

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