The best Kindle for 2023: Every Amazon e-reader reviewed and ranked

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If you're searching for nan champion Kindle of 2023, you're spoiled for choice. Amazon now makes a Kindle for each type of reader.

Amazon released nan original Kindle backmost successful 2007. At nan clip of nan e-reader's release, The New York Times said that Amazon had "a batch of nerve" for introducing its ain e-reader and wondered aloud if "they're wholly nuts." Still, nan Times admitted that this caller e-reader had immoderate innovative features that mightiness moreover thief it win wherever others had flopped. Flash guardant to 2023 and Amazon has truthful thoroughly dominated nan e-reader marketplace that fewer companies fuss to nutrient their ain e-readers astatine all.

And if you haven't yet been converted to nan beautiful world of Amazon Kindle readers, we person to ask, frankly: What nan heck are you waiting for?

We know, we cognize — thing compares to nan consciousness of a book successful your hands arsenic you thumb done page aft enticing page. And there's presently nary existent substitute for that delicious bibliosmia, aka that chopped "book smell" that results from nan chemic breakdown of insubstantial successful a well-loved tome (though possibly immoderate aromatherapists tin get connected that, stat). Even if you're a ride-or-die bibliophile pinch a book postulation to lucifer (guilty), nan champion Kindles person undeniable benefits for readers. You nary longer person to battalion 10 different books erstwhile going connected picnic because you ne'er cognize which peculiar book will suit your temper astatine immoderate fixed time. You tin besides publication poolside aliases astatine nan formation without worrying astir damaging your precious books.

As of 2023, Amazon makes 7 different Kindles pinch various features and usage cases. To find nan champion Kindle of 2023, Mashable has been conducting hands-on tests of Amazon's newest e-readers. The champion Kindles see a new procreation of Amazon e-readers released successful 2022 arsenic good arsenic immoderate older models still worthy buying. We've gathered each of them for you beneath on pinch highlights from our Kindle reviews, truthful publication connected to find nan champion Kindle for your reference pleasure.

close-up position of nan Kindle Paperwhite Signature version settings screen

Testing nan auto-adjustment characteristic connected nan Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

Why is simply a Kindle amended for reference than a tablet aliases your phone?

Though they whitethorn beryllium likewise sized, these handheld reference devices are not to beryllium confused pinch a tablet aliases moreover a smartphone. Rather, Kindle e-readers are designed specifically for reference — and for doing truthful comfortably for hours astatine a time. This is made imaginable by nan Kindle's unique black-and-white-only, glare-free show that sounds for illustration paper, moreover erstwhile you're sitting nether a bright, sunny sky. That signature physics ink artistic mimics earthy matter successful ways that different screens conscionable can't.

Amazon Fire tablets were erstwhile referred to arsenic "Kindle Fire tablets," but they beryllium squarely successful nan accepted tablet class these days (i.e. they're acold amended for browsing nan internet, streaming contented for illustration Netflix aliases Spotify, and playing games than they are for reference text). You technically tin usage nan Kindle app connected a Fire tablet — conscionable arsenic you tin connected immoderate WiFi-connected tablet aliases smartphone — but nan truth that each of these devices person a glossy surface makes for a really subpar reference acquisition erstwhile compared to immoderate existent e-reader successful today's Kindle lineup. 

Tablets and smartphones besides don't connection nan aforesaid artillery life arsenic a Kindle; whereas a tablet aliases smartphone tin enactment charged for hours aliases possibly moreover a fewer days, a Kindle has capable juice to past for respective weeks betwixt charges.

What should I look for successful nan champion Kindles?

When shopping for nan champion Kindle to fresh your lifestyle, see nan pursuing factors that are astir apt to alteration betwixt models:

  • Display size. The smallest Kindle has a 6-inch show while nan largest has a 10.2-inch display.

  • Storage capacity. Depending connected nan model, Kindles tin person anyplace from 8 GB to 64 GB of retention capacity to stash galore thousands of your favourite sounds astatine a time.

  • Battery life. Kindles mostly person outstanding artillery life (depending connected your usage), but immoderate models are moreover much impressive. On nan debased end, they past up to six weeks per charge, while others past up to 12 weeks.

  • Waterproof protection. Not each Kindles are waterproof, but those that are supply bid of mind successful lawsuit of accidental immersion successful h2o without incurring damage.

Beyond those adaptable factors, each nan latest Kindles boast a 300 ppi, high-resolution show pinch zero glare truthful you tin bask crisp matter and images astatine immoderate viewing angle. All Kindles are besides equipped pinch WiFi connectivity to let you to entree and download each nan reference worldly you could ever want. (However, prime Kindle readers besides let for free cellular connectivity truthful you person much options.) All Kindles connection parental power options arsenic well, whether aliases not you've purchased a Kindle instrumentality specifically made for kids. Plus, you tin perceive to audiobooks connected Audible via immoderate Kindle's built-in Bluetooth connection.

Should I bargain a Kindle without fastener surface ads?

In astir instances, you'll besides person nan prime to prime either an ad-supported aliases an ad-free acquisition for your Kindle, pinch nan second action typically costing astir $20 more. For astir readers, we highly urge opting for nan ad-free version.

If you don't want to spell for nan mini splurge of nixing nan advertisements, you'll beryllium "treated" to ads connected your lockscreen each clip you unfastened nan screen of your Kindle. That's good if you don't mind swiping them retired of nan measurement each clip you beryllium down to read. But if that sounds for illustration arsenic overmuch of a tedious dealbreaker to you arsenic it does to us, you'll decidedly want to conscionable cough up those 2 Hamiltons. It'll beryllium good worthy it, if only for nan truth that opening nan screen of your Kindle will consciousness much for illustration opening up a existent book (except moreover better, because it'll bring you correct to nan past page wherever you near off).

What features do Kindles offer?

Beyond nan aforementioned modular features that are recovered crossed astir (if not all) of nan latest Kindle models, location are besides specialized features that you'll find connected nan higher-end models. To constrictive down nan champion Kindles for your lifestyle, you'll want to see your peculiar needs and preferences arsenic you shop. 

a kindle scribe pinch note-taking stylus and pencils

The Kindle Scribe is nan only Kindle e-reader that comes pinch its ain stylus for note-taking. Credit: Molly Flores/Mashable

Perhaps you for illustration to publication extracurricular often; you'll want a Kindle pinch an auto-adjusting ray truthful you don't person to interest astir perpetually fixing nan brightness for optimal viewing successful your existent environment. The Kindle Oasis, Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, and Kindle Scribe each person this auto-adjustment feature. Or, possibly you thin to publication during your regular commute and can't trust connected much than 1 manus being free to clasp your reference material; you'll want a Kindle pinch easy page-turn buttons truthful you tin get to nan adjacent page one-handed, and automatic rotating page predisposition truthful you tin seamlessly move from 1 manus to nan different — nan Kindle Oasis.

Or, possibly you for illustration to publication earlier furniture and want to trim retired bluish ray that tends to support america awake and alert; you'll request a Kindle that has an adjustable lukewarm ray characteristic truthful you tin displacement nan show colour from achromatic to amber. After the 2022 merchandise of nan Kindle Scribe, there's moreover a Kindle that will let you to jot down notes connected your texts for later reference.

Our Pick

kindle paperwhite signature version connected heap of books

Amazon Prime

Read our afloat reappraisal of nan Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition here.

Building upon nan already awesome Kindle Paperwhite, nan Signature Edition (SE) is our apical prime for nan champion Kindle of 2023. After hands-on testing nan caller entry-level Kindle arsenic good arsenic nan astir precocious exemplary yet, nan Kindle Scribe, we judge nan Kindle Paperwhite SE has nan champion equilibrium of features astatine a reasonable price.

Like nan original Kindle Paperwhite, it has a 6.8-inch glare-free show pinch adjustable lukewarm light. It besides offers nan aforesaid IPX8 waterproof standing truthful you tin bask your “beach reads” poolside without immoderate worries. The SE offers 4 worthwhile upgrades complete nan original — 32 GB of retention space, nary lockscreen ads, automatically adjusting lights, and wireless charging. In fact, it's presently nan only Kindle that boasts wireless charging, though acknowledgment to a awesome artillery life, you whitethorn only request to do that erstwhile each different period aliases so.

The automatically adjusting beforehand ray intends that you don't person to interest astir manually adjusting nan surface for optimal reference erstwhile you spell from indoors to outdoors and backmost again — a mini but captious characteristic for personification who sounds anyplace and everywhere, each successful 1 day. Like nan different Kindle models, you tin opt into 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited pinch your purchase.

In his review, Mashable elder Editor Stan Schroeder recovered only 1 highly insignificant quibble — nan powerfulness fastener connected nan bottommost tin beryllium pressed accidentally. Otherwise, it's a near-perfect e-reader. The 32 GB of retention whitethorn beryllium overkill for nan mean reader, but it's a convenient characteristic if you perceive to audiobooks. For readers connected a budget, we urge going pinch nan Kindle (2022 release), but if you're searching for nan champion Kindle, afloat stop, past this is it.

close-up position of all-new Kindle 2022

Amazon Prime

Read our afloat reappraisal of nan Kindle (2022 release).

If you're conscionable jumping into nan world of Kindles and don't request immoderate other bells and whistles, past nan baseline Kindle is nan best, astir budget-friendly choice. The all-new Kindle sewage an overdue upgrade successful 2022, and successful Mashable's caller Kindle review, it received apical marks for capacity and user-friendliness.

It's lightweight and compact truthful you tin easy gaffe it into a container aliases backpack and return it connected nan go. It has a glare-free, 6-inch show and boasts 16 GB of retention — that's doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic erstwhile versions — truthful you tin support thousands of books astatine your broadside astatine immoderate fixed time. This Kindle besides has an adjustable beforehand ray for easier reference successful agleam ray conditions, arsenic good arsenic a acheronian mode for a much comfortable reference acquisition astatine night. Plus, a afloat complaint via USB-C cablegram gives nan Kindle up to six weeks of life.

What's missing pinch nan entry-level Kindle? Quite a bit, unfortunately, though thing that's basal for a bully reference experience. The basal Kindle lacks precocious features for illustration nan expertise to return notes. You'll besides person to unrecorded without wireless charging, adjustable lukewarm light, and an auto-adjusting screen. The biggest downgrade is nan deficiency of waterproofing, truthful beryllium observant to support this Amazon e-reader distant from nan water.

You tin take to opt into 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited astatine nary other charge, and you tin prime nan "Without Lockscreen Ads” action for conscionable $20 more.

Kindle Paperwhite connected separator of wood table

Amazon Prime

Read our afloat reappraisal of nan Kindle Paperwhite here.

Though it boasts a larger show than nan modular Kindle — 6.8 inches vs. 6 inches — nan Kindle Paperwhite still manages to beryllium nan cleanable size and weight for comfortable handheld reading. As our reviewer Alex Perry puts it, nan Paperwhite is "just dense capable to not consciousness inexpensive and flimsy, without being a hindrance connected nan one-handed readers among us."

The Kindle Paperwhite adds a fewer cardinal features that make it a bully upgrade complete nan guidelines model. It adds much than a twelve LEDs to its beforehand ray for easier reference successful agleam settings, positive IPX8 waterproof protection truthful it tin withstand accidental immersion (while lounging successful nan bath, for example). The Paperwhite besides adds an adjustable lukewarm ray that makes it easier connected nan eyes erstwhile you're winding down pinch a bully publication earlier bed. 

Similar to nan OG Kindle, you tin take to get 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited astatine nary other charge, and you tin banish lockscreen ads for an further $20. You besides person nan action of upgrading nan retention capacity from 8 GB to 16 GB for astir $10 more.

Overall, we urge nan newer Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition complete this older model, but if you don't request other retention abstraction aliases wireless charging, you tin opt for nan still-excellent Kindle Paperwhite and prevention $50.

kindle scribe pinch pencils connected purple background

Amazon Prime

Read our afloat reappraisal of nan Kindle Scribe here.

If you haven't been capable to get connected committee pinch e-readers because you for illustration to jot down notes successful nan margins of your books, nan Amazon Kindle Scribe conscionable mightiness person you. For supported books and imported files, it allows you to adhd integer "sticky notes" that you handwrite pinch nan included battery-free pen. With a 10.2-inch show (and nan brightest show of each Kindles), it besides acts arsenic a notebook and a diary acknowledgment to included templates for illustration blank pages, lined paper, to-do lists, and more.

That size (and corresponding weight), however, tin origin immoderate issues according to Mashable reviewer Alex Perry: “When held pinch 2 hands, it’s not a problem, but I could spot it causing insignificant wrist strain for immoderate group if they effort to clasp it pinch 1 manus for an extended play of time.” While nan expertise to usage nan Kindle for note-taking will beryllium a dream travel existent for immoderate folks, it mightiness not beryllium capable to warrant nan cost. For a akin price, you could get a full-fledged tablet from Apple aliases Samsung, which lets you return notes and publication books — connected apical of a full batch more.

The Amazon Kindle Scribe besides boasts nan elevated features of different higher-end Kindles: adjustable lukewarm light, auto-adjusting beforehand light, and automatic rotating page predisposition (but nary wireless charging). You get to take from 3 different retention capacities from 16 GB to 64 GB, and you tin besides opt into 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited.

So, is nan Kindle Scribe worthy it? For folks who can't extremity themselves from doodling successful nan margins, absolutely. For everyone else, instrumentality pinch 1 of Amazon's different e-readers.

boy reference Kindle kids paperwhite e-reader outside

Amazon Prime

Read our afloat reappraisal of nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids here.

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids is our prime for nan champion Kindle for young readers. The much basal Kindle Kids is still worthy buying, but nan Paperwhite type adds cardinal features specified arsenic IPX8 waterproofing that warrant nan higher cost.

How does this type disagree from nan entry-level Kindle Kids? The Kindle Papwerwhite Kids provides everything that nan aforementioned child-friendly Kindle does (including nan free twelvemonth of unlimited entree to Amazon Kids+) but pinch a fewer cardinal upgrades. First, it has a larger show (6.8 inches) and an adjustable lukewarm ray to trim down connected bluish light, particularly arsenic bedtime nears. It besides has a longer artillery life (10 weeks) and offers nan action to double nan retention capacity to 16 GB.

So, is nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids worthy it? Adults whitethorn not mind nan black-and-white show of Kindle e-readers, but it's a bigger limitation for kids, who are utilized to seeing colorful drawings and artwork pinch their books. Likewise, big readers whitethorn really for illustration a Kindle because they can't beryllium distracted by different apps for illustration Youtube, but parents whitethorn want these capabilities for kids. In that case, we'd urge buying an Amazon Fire tablet alternatively of a Kindle Kids.

Even pinch these limitations successful mind, successful our hands-on review, we recovered that nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids is simply a awesome gift for young readers, and it moreover comes pre-loaded pinch a room of books. Finally, and possibly astir importantly, nan Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids is waterproof truthful parents don't request to interest astir spills aliases accidental immersion successful nan bathtub aliases pool. Plus, it comes pinch a nosy and colorful screen and a two-year worry-free guarantee.

close-up position of Kindle Kids display

Amazon Prime

The caller Kindle Kids exemplary fundamentally has everything nan baseline Kindle has, but pinch a fewer cardinal benefits. It has nan aforesaid 6-inch, glare-free show pinch 300 ppi for crisp resolution. It besides has an adjustable beforehand ray and acheronian mode to guarantee kids' comfortableness while reading, some time and night.

It really stands retired erstwhile it comes to kid-friendly extras, including 1 twelvemonth of unlimited entree to thousands of ad-free books pinch Amazon Kids+ (which would usually costs you astatine slightest $4.99 per month). Kids+ besides includes a Vocabulary Builder wherever children tin look up definitions and summation familiarity pinch antecedently chartless words. 

Bonus: The Kindle Kids comes pinch a nosy screen and a two-year worry-free guarantee that states Amazon will switch nan instrumentality — for free — if it breaks. However, you're missing 2 cardinal features compared to nan Kindle Kids Paperwhite: No waterproofing and nary adjustable lukewarm light. So, if you're looking for nan champion Kindle for sleep, we urge spending a small much connected nan Paperwhite version.

close-up position of Kindle oasis display

Amazon Prime

Read Mashable's hands-on reappraisal of nan original Kindle Oasis.

The Kindle Oasis is considered a measurement up from nan Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite, and that's reflected successful nan higher price. So why haven't we rated this e-reader much highly? Even aft nan Kindle Oasis was updated successful 2019 to see doubly arsenic galore LED lights and a larger screen, we still deliberation it fails to warrant nan $250 price. For readers pinch arthritis aliases wrist pain, nan ergonomic creation mightiness beryllium worthy nan upgrade, but for astir people, we urge sticking pinch either nan Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition aliases nan Kindle Scribe instead.

Let america explain: nan Kindle Oasis does person a somewhat larger and brighter surface compared to different Kindles. It besides has an ergonomic creation that allows you to run it pinch 1 hand, utilizing page-turning buttons to flip betwixt pages. For each these reasons, it is nan champion Kindle for older readers and anyone that wants to publication one-handed. However, nan original Kindle creation useful conscionable good for nan mean person.

As you tin spot successful pictures, nan Kindle Oasis has a unsocial cantilever chassis connected nan backmost of nan 7-inch physics insubstantial screen. Essentially, nan little half sticks retired further than nan apical half, making it easier to grip. This besides stops it from laying level and makes for a somewhat awkward profile. Again, this could beryllium a pro, aliases it could beryllium a con.

The Kindle Oasis has immoderate different unsocial features arsenic well. It automatically rotates nan page predisposition truthful you tin clasp it pinch either hand. It's besides nan only Kindle connected this database that has some WiFi and free cellular connectivity truthful you tin prime up wherever you near disconnected from anywhere. Like each of nan champion Kindles, it's IPX8 waterproof, has an adjustable lukewarm light, and an auto-adjusting beforehand light. Finally, we urge paying $20 much for nan ad-free type of nan device.

Ever since Amazon released a caller procreation of Kindles successful 2022, Mashable editors person been difficult astatine activity testing them. With nan objection of nan Kindle Kids, each Kindle featured successful this reappraisal was hands-on tested by personification connected nan Mashable team. To prime nan champion Kindles, we tested and compared nan newest models — nan Kindle (2022 Release), Kindle Scribe, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition.

Prior to nan merchandise of nan latest models, Mashable editors had already tested nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids and nan Kindle Oasis. The entry-level Kindle Kids is nan only e-reader that wasn't reviewed for this guide, but we chose to see it based connected its stellar reputation, characteristic set, and affordable value tag.

To prime nan champion Kindle of 2023, we cautiously researched Amazon's existent lineup of Kindle devices and analyzed our ain writers' individual, in-depth reviews. We strived to see each of nan latest models successful our roundup and compared and contrasted their features extensively to find nan champion e-reader for a assortment of different reference styles. To do this, we took respective cardinal factors into consideration:

  • Size and weight. Kindles tin alteration importantly successful size and weight, truthful we considered which models were amended for definite scenarios, for illustration one-handed reference and taking connected nan go.

  • Waterproof protection. We made judge to pinpoint which models are waterproof successful bid to urge nan champion Kindles for a worry-free outdoor reference acquisition arsenic good arsenic those amended suited for children.

  • Special features. We analyzed nan scope of features connected higher-end Kindles for different types of reference styles, specified arsenic auto-adjusting displays for indoor/outdoor reading, lukewarm ray settings to artifact bluish ray for nighttime reading, and page move buttons for one-handed reading.

  • Price. Kindle models alteration wildly successful price; we made judge to see budget-friendly options arsenic good arsenic splurge-worthy, treat-yourself picks.

  • Ease of use. How easy was it to download and publication caller books? Did each model's signature features activity arsenic advertised? For example, successful nan lawsuit of nan Kindle Scribe, we checked to spot really good nan stylus and note-taking features worked.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Kindles are designed to beryllium easy to publication — conscionable for illustration nan pages of a book — but nan Amazon Kindle Paperwhite simply does it moreover amended than nan modular Kindle model. The Paperwhite boasts much than quadruple nan LEDs connected its beforehand ray than nan baseline Kindle, truthful it's moreover easier to publication successful agleam environments. It besides has a larger display, waterproof properties, and an adjustable lukewarm ray for little oculus strain (i.e. little bluish light), particularly erstwhile reference earlier bed. 

The only imaginable downside is that nan modular Paperwhite only has 8 GB of retention compared to nan OG Kindle's 16 GB. However, nan Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition boasts a whopping 32 GB of retention arsenic good arsenic an auto-adjusting ray and wireless charging.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature version is nan newest type of nan Paperwhite series, and it has 4 important upgrades complete nan older model. The caller Paperwhite SE features 32 GB of retention (ideal for downloading audiobooks), nary lockscreen ads, auto-adjusting light, and wireless charging. Of course, it's besides $50 much expensive, truthful facet that into your shopping decision.

All Kindle devices let for instant entree to nan Amazon Kindle eBooks shop wherever you tin bargain individual titles pinch nary monthly subscription interest required. That said, Amazon Prime members tin entree free books via nan Prime Reading work which would beryllium taxable to nan existent Prime rank rate. 

Beyond that, you tin get a Kindle Unlimited subscription for $9.99 per period to summation unlimited entree to much than 3 cardinal titles and thousands of audiobooks, and get up to 20 eligible Kindle Unlimited titles astatine a clip astatine nary other cost. You tin typically opt into a fewer free months of Kindle Unlimited pinch your Kindle acquisition to springiness it a spin, and you tin cancel nan subscription astatine immoderate time.

Because Kindles are 1 of Amazon's cornerstone products, you'll spot their prices plummet during yearly Amazon Prime Day events, which usually return spot astir July. However, if you can't hold for nan adjacent Prime Day to rotation around, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Back-to-School season, and different vacation savings events passim nan twelvemonth will often find nan value of Kindles slashed down to arsenic overmuch arsenic 40% disconnected — sometimes moreover more. 

Prime Day and Black Friday are besides awesome times to prevention connected a Kindle Unlimited subscription arsenic a fewer months are typically offered to Prime members for a super-low price.

Outside of those large vacation markdowns, you tin still find a Kindle astatine a little value for a constricted clip each fewer weeks arsenic nan value fluctuates. So if you're really looking for a bargain, support an oculus retired and past return nan plunge whenever you spot nan value drop.

Yes, you tin bargain caller Kindles astatine Best Buy. However, if you're searching for nan champion value and nan astir convenient shopping experience, past we urge sticking pinch Amazon. Since nan Kindle shop is besides hosted astatine Amazon, you'll request an relationship location anyway, and it's difficult to hit Amazon's prices connected its ain products.

There are 2 different Kindle models designed conscionable for kids, and they do person immoderate charismatic features parents (and their kiddos) will appreciate. Depending connected which exemplary you choose, your Kindle Kids will person features specified arsenic IPX8 waterproofing, a built-in cover, and a 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription.

Mashable editors and merchandise reviewers person tried each Kindle for waste successful 2023, and we judge nan Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is nan champion Kindle for astir people. That said, parents whitethorn for illustration nan Kindle Kids for young readers, while shoppers connected a fund will admit nan entry-level Kindle. Read Mashable's afloat Kindle reviews if you request thief selecting nan cleanable e-reader for your needs and budget.

We judge nan Kindle Paperwhite is nan champion Kindle for reference successful bed. The Paperwhite has adjustable lukewarm ray that lets you find nan cleanable mounting for late-night reads. For nan aforesaid reason, it's besides nan champion Kindle for reference outside.

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