The DNC made a weird AI-generated parody of a Lara Trump song

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After Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump’s indie euphony detour to motorboat a heavy autotuned way called “Anything is Possible,” nan Democrats have responded pinch “Party’s Fallin’ Down.” Published 3 days excessively early to beryllium passed disconnected arsenic an awkward April Fools’ Day joke, it’s described arsenic “a caller AI-generated opus astir Lara Trump’s rocky commencement arsenic RNC co-chair.”

The way nary 1 asked for was posted to an different anonymous SoundCloud page, promoted connected TMZ, and tweeted from X accounts for DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and nan Democrats’ “rapid consequence team.”

You tin perceive to it here. My recommendation, however, is that you don’t successful favour of doing thing other pinch your time, sloppy of your governmental affiliation, philharmonic taste, aliases thoughts connected AI.

In a statement, Harrison calls Trump’s euphony profession “embarrassing, unserious, and a discarded of money,” touting really nan Democratic National Committee “didn’t put arsenic overmuch clip and money into making our song.” Nevertheless, putting little clip and money into making thing embarrassing and unserious is still... making thing embarrassing and unserious?

And besides, this injection of generative AI into predetermination play feels for illustration opening a doorway that will beryllium difficult to close. The adjacent clip we see nan mobility of whether aliases not it’s due to usage generative AI successful nan governmental context, it astir apt won’t beryllium complete a bad philharmonic spoof pinch goofy lyrics.

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