The Google Inbox email successor is finally ready for Android

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Shortwave — an email app for iOS and nan web that serves arsenic nan belief successor to Google Inbox — has afloat arrived connected Android devices pursuing 18 months of beta testing. Version 1.0 of Shortwave is disposable to download via Google Play. The basal type is free to use, though you’ll request to salary a $9 monthly subscription to unlock premium features.

Shortwave was specifically developed by a group of erstwhile Google labor to capable nan spread near aft Google unopen down its innovative Gmail replacement in 2019. Inbox was reasonably extremist for its clip compared to rival email clients, providing features for illustration Bundles (which automatically organized your email by type) and Delivery Schedules to power erstwhile those Bundles would get successful your inbox. Its demise was mourned by many.

Three smartphones displaying ‘Delivery Schedules’, ‘Bundles’, and ‘Pin, Snooze, Done’ features connected Shortwave for Android.

Shortwave 1.0 resurrects Inbox for Android users.

Image: Shortwave

Shortwave provides galore of these aforesaid Inbox features, successful summation to a expanse fastener for marking emails en-mass, AI-powered smart replies, and options to quickly pin, snooze, archive, and delete emails. The free type has immoderate limitations (like restricting users to 90 days of searchable email history), which tin beryllium unlocked pinch nan $9 monthly subscription. A afloat database of Shortwave for Android’s features tin beryllium recovered connected nan company’s blog.

As noted by Android Police, this latest merchandise appears to beryllium a web exertion alternatively than a autochthonal Android app but nan wide 1.0 acquisition is person to what you’d find connected its iOS counterpart, compared to nan erstwhile beta.

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