This $40 water fountain can help your cat drink more water

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of June 24, get nan KittySpring Water Fountain for Cats(opens successful a caller tab) for only $39.99 — a limited-time discount.

One of nan biggest struggles of being a feline genitor is getting them to portion capable water. Following their earthy instinct, cats for illustration moving, caller h2o complete still h2o successful a bowl. Plus, nan crockery should ideally beryllium shallow truthful their whiskers don’t get fatigued while drinking.

How tin you get this setup going astatine location truthful your cat drinks much water(opens successful a caller tab)? It tin beryllium elemental pinch nan KittySpring Water Fountain specifically designed for cats. Get your furry friend 1 present for nan champion value online, conscionable $39.99.

A mini alteration to make a lasting difference

The KittySpring was successfully funded connected Kickstarter(opens successful a caller tab) and Indiegogo(opens successful a caller tab) because feline owners wanted an effective, yet basal solution to get their pets to portion much water. Your feline should beryllium drinking astir four ounces of h2o per 5 pounds of their assemblage weight(opens successful a caller tab), but they mightiness not beryllium if their existent h2o vessel doesn’t meet their needs.

Setting up nan KittySpring is elemental — conscionable capable up nan h2o instrumentality and group nan fountain connected nan included anti-slip mat. This holds it successful spot arsenic your feline drinks and prevents them from knocking it over. There’s nary request to link it to power, truthful you tin spot it anyplace successful your location wherever your feline whitethorn for illustration to drink.

As your kitty drinks from nan dish, nan fountain automatically replenishes nan disposable proviso pinch caller h2o from nan tank. The shaper suggests that nan disposable h2o tin past your feline for 2 days, though you mightiness for illustration to switch retired nan h2o each time for eventual freshness (or if you person aggregate kitties).

Completely cat-friendly design

The KittySpring h2o fountain not only provides fresh, cleanable h2o astatine each times of nan day, but its shallow, wide crockery allows for maximum comfort(opens successful a caller tab). With taller dishes, your cat’s whiskers whitethorn swipe connected nan edges and this tin origin discomfort and overstimulation. This creation allows them to portion comfortably, making them much apt to caput backmost to nan fountain much frequently. 

Help your feline portion much h2o pinch nan KittySpring Water Fountain for Cats(opens successful a caller tab), now only $39.99.

Prices taxable to change.

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