Today's best deals on Amazon Echo smart speakers: Grab an Echo Pop and smart color bulb for just $23

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An Amazon Echo smart speaker is an easy and affordable measurement to upgrade your location — and location are a bunch of deals connected Amazon's signature speakers today. Here are our apical picks of Amazon Echo deals arsenic of March 30:

Best Amazon Echo deals

Best wide Amazon Echo deal

Amazon Echo

Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Pop pinch Amazon Basics Smart Color Bulb

If you're fresh to spell hands-free astatine home, an Amazon Echo smart speaker tin beryllium an affordable measurement to put a decent speaker successful each room of your home. As of March 30, location are deals connected respective Amazon Echo devices truthful you tin make nan champion prime for your needs.

If you're betwixt an Amazon Echo and an Echo Dot, we've sewage a guideline to which Amazon instrumentality you should buy — but nan bully news is nan newest versions of some are connected waste today.

Check retired our picks for nan champion Amazon Echo deals connected waste astatine Amazon today:

Best wide Amazon Echo deal

Why we for illustration it

If you attraction astir amended audio quality, this is nan Amazon smart speaker for you. The newest Echo comes pinch an upgraded audio system, including Dolby Audio and lossless HD audio done Amazon Music HD. You tin inquire Alexa to play euphony for immoderate vibe you're successful (and play nan aforesaid euphony connected aggregate speakers passim your home) arsenic good arsenic make hands-free commands to move connected and disconnected smart lights, cheque nan weather, telephone your loved ones, aliases commencement your greeting routine. Plus, nan Echo comes pinch a twelvemonth warranty truthful you tin consciousness much unafraid successful your choice.

Best Echo Dot Deal

Why we for illustration it

The newest Echo Dot is simply a much budget-friendly smart speaker that still does everything you request it to. It plays music, controls your smart devices, and acts arsenic your individual adjunct (thanks Alexa!). At this price, you tin group up your full location pinch speakers for nether $150. Note that nan Dot only comes pinch a 90-day warranty.

Best Echo bundle

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"As of March 30, you tin get nan Echo Pop speaker paired pinch an Amazon Basics smart ray bulb for only $22.99. That's nan aforesaid value arsenic nan Echo Pop connected its ain astatine nan existent waste value (regularly $39.99). The Amazon Basics smart bulb regularly costs $12.99, truthful you'll beryllium pocketing that magnitude by snagging nan bundle. The Echo Pop is simply a 'good budget-friendly action successful nan Echo lineup,' according to Mashable's reviewer, SaVanna Shoemaker, and makes a bully summation to nan homes of folks 'who for illustration to support euphony playing, and who besides usage Alexa arsenic a location assistant.'" — Christina Buff, Mashable Deals writer

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