Upgrade your tech with a refurbished Mac mini for 23% off

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of June 24, you tin get a refurbished Apple Mac mini(opens successful a caller tab) for conscionable $205.99 alternatively of $269.98 — that's a savings of 23%.

If you aren’t utilizing demanding software, you mightiness not request a pricey machine that tin tally everything you propulsion astatine it. Instead, you could prevention by getting a refurbished computer(opens successful a caller tab).

This refurbished Apple Mac mini whitethorn beryllium a awesome low-cost action for moving basal agency apps and different elemental software, and it’s only $205.99. 

Save abstraction and money 

The refurbished Apple Mac mini is simply a compact and tin desktop machine that offers a scope of functionalities. With 8GB RAM and a Core 1.4GHz i5 processor, this machine whitethorn grip office apps and productivity package well, but it could struggle pinch highly demanding activities, specified arsenic video editing aliases games. You tin besides move connected Turbo Boost to up nan processor capacity to 2.5GHz if you announcement lag while opening a large record aliases multitasking connected a assortment of apps.

When you’re shopping for refurbished devices(opens successful a caller tab), ever cheque nan original manufacturing day and refurbished rating. This machine was primitively made successful 2014 and has a people “B” refurbished rating. That intends immoderate of nan hardware whitethorn not beryllium arsenic awesome arsenic what you’d find connected a brand-new, off-the-shelf model, and it could person immoderate ray scuffs and scratches. However, nan 1TB HDD does springiness you plentifulness of room to shop important files and instal a wide assortment of apps. All that difficult thrust abstraction could beryllium an plus to students who request a accordant spot to support their assignments done nan schoolhouse year. 

One of nan benefits of getting an older instrumentality is it still has each its ports. Plug into 4 USB 3.0 ports, aliases return advantage of slots for HDMI, thunderbolt, Ethernet, headphones, microphones, and SD cards. 

Save connected a refurbished Apple Mac mini 

Prices taxable to change.

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